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Recognizing and treating anxiety in children and teens who have autism

ATN at Work

As a group, people with autism have high rates of anxiety disorders. Anxiety also tends to have different causes and symptoms among those with autism compared to the general population. For these reasons, the Autism Speaks Autism Treatment Network (ATN) developed the first evaluation and treatment guidelines for anxiety in autism. In this two-part series, the guideline's lead author discusses insights and strategies. This work was made possible through the ATN's role as the Autism Intervention Research Network on Physical Health. Read More


Easing separation anxiety in a preschooler who has autism

Easing separation anxiety

Answers and perspective from a child psychologist in the Autism Speaks Autism Treatment Network. Read More


Autism & anxiety: Help for a grade-schooler's extreme reaction to loud noise

Extreme reaction to loud noise

Their son's noise-triggered anxiety attacks are so intense that this family ends up in the emergency room on a regular basis. We have advice from an expert studying cognitive-behavioral therapy for anxiety in children and adolescents who have autism. Read More


Autism and social phobia: Help for an anxious teen

Social Phobia Anxiety

Expert advice on easing the social anxiety that has kept this teenage girl largely housebound, from a leading expert in treating anxiety in those on the autism spectrum.  Read More


Research yields tips for easing anxiety in nonverbal kids with autism

Got Questions

This Autism Speaks Weatherstone fellow and his mentor are adapting a highly effective anxiety therapy to meet the needs of those severely affected by autism with intellectual disability. Read More


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