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Food aversions and restricted eating are common among people with autism. These can lead to poor nutrition and other health and behavioral concerns. Autism Speaks and our Autism Treatment Network (ATN) have resources that can help.

Autism and mealtime: A top 10 list for success


Feeding challenges are common issues that bring families with autism to healthcare providers. Occupational therapist Moira Pena of Toronto's Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital shares her tips for supporting healthy eating habits. Read More

Help: Our son has autism and eats constantly


Step-by-step guidance from child psychologists Michelle Spader, Rebecca Hellenthal and Jonathan Wilkins of Autism Speaks ATN at Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus, OH. Read More

Child with autism won't eat foods that 'smell'


Dr. Pulliam, a pediatric psychologist who works with the Autism Speaks ATN at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences & Arkansas Children's Hospital, offers guidance for a child struggling with sensory sensitivities. Read More

Exploring Feeding Behavior in Autism: A Parent's Guide


The Autism Speaks ATN developed this guide to help parents and professionals better understand the basics of feeding issues. Read More

For kids with autism, supplements often result in nutritional imbalances


In the largest study of its kind, researchers with the Autism Speaks ATN found that supplements and special diets for children with autism commonly result in excessive amounts of some nutrients and deficiencies in others. Read More

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