Fundraise Your Way 2017

MBA Students Speak for Autism

10 years ago, autism's estimated prevalence was 1 in 166. Today it’s 1 in 68... An increase of more than 100% in one decade. Those diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, as well as their families, live a unique and special lifestyle. Everyday activities that may be perceived as simple or routine to many of us can place significant challenges on those affected with this disorder. The cost of autism across a lifetime averages $1.4-$2.4 Million. These costs, which increase with severity and intellectual disability, place a tremendous burden on families. However, the lives of these individuals can be dramatically improved with high quality interventions and professional support.

During our MBA program at DePaul University, our class team has been tasked to raise awareness for a charity of our choice. Through family and friends who have been affected by autism, as well as our friend Amanda Bird, a speech-language pathologist who treats children diagnosed with autism, our choice was clear to stand up and speak for autism.

We are reaching out to family and friends to take the time and donate any amount you see fit to help fundraise for those affected by autism. With your generous donation, Autism Speaks Organization will be able to support:

• Research & Science
• Family Services (response team for support, grants, programs, & adulthood with autism)
• Awareness, Understanding, & Acceptance

Together, we can strive to make a difference for autism!


Thank you for your time & support!
David Langan, Errol Mitchell, Derek Leddy, Allison Emery, Nidhan Singh


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