Autism Speaks 5K / 1 Mile Walk

Run for Will, Run for a Cure, Run for Fun!
Run for Will, Run for a Cure, Run for Fun!

Will Lash Dream Team

Dear Friends and Family,

We are again running the July 4 Autism Speaks Potomac 5K to have fun and to support families with autism and research to find a cure. Please join The Will Lash Dream Team! The more people the merrier and the better for Autism Speaks. I need people like you on my team to run, to walk, to eat blueberry pancakes and to just have fun.

I know that participating in an event that raises money for Autism Speaks must touch your life in some way. Think about the ways that autism has impacted those around you. The money we raise will go to support everyone from families who recently received a diagnosis to adults who need employment and community supports. And speaking of support, we need yours so please do anything you can - join The Will Lash Dream Team, register as an individual or make a donation on Will's behalf.

Thank you so much for all of your support and I look forward to seeing you alongside me.



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