Autism Speaks 5K / 1 Mile Walk


Ben and Veronica are learning more and more daily that it takes a community! The walk through autism they are having with their son Jackson is more like a journey, and they are fortunate enough to have a family that is full of support and understanding. Not every parent has this, though, and there are many they run into who don't have understanding. Not every child with autism has parents who acknowledge and start early intervention, and not every parent knows the symptoms in order to start asking questions. 1 in every 68 people is diagnosed with some form of autism. There is a HUGE chance you talk to someone on a daily baisis who has been diagnosed. As a community awareness can be spread, understanding can be learned, supports can be enhanced.


Join Ben and Veronica in their efforts to support Autism Speaks!


Through partnerships and collaboration, Autism Speaks is committed to:

· Increasing global understanding and acceptance of autism,

· Being a catalyst for research breakthroughs,

· Increasing early-childhood screening & timely interventions,

· Improving the transition to adulthood and,

· Ensuring access to reliable information & services throughout the lifespan

You can check out the website, for the kinds of research Autism Speaks funds, more information on family services and specific details about any of the described above. According to thelast annual report which was from 2015, 75% goes to programs and services, and mission activities.

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