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Join Angels for Autism in supporting Autism Speaks!

Molly has a form of autism called Asperger’s but is now considered, like all autistic diagnosis's on the spectrum. She was formally diagnosed at age 9. Her mom and dad could see the symptoms early on, but did not have a diagnosis until they started truly asking the tough questions and advocating for their daughter. They did the hard work to get the information to help Molly. They didn't have the support and resources they needed, because they either weren't there or they weren’t talked about. Since then, they have struggled with medication changes and the normal challenges of a growing teenage girl. But through it all they remained a strong force to protect Molly from the unfortunately sometimes cruel world, that doesn't understand the wide range of different characteristics of a spectrum diagnosis.

Help us change that!

There are a few things that Molly would like you to know. Yes, she is on the spectrum. Yes, she does struggle daily with the symptoms. Yes, she does take medication. Yes, sometimes people are mean. Yes, the world at times is a scary and unkind place, especially when people don't understand. BUT here are things she wants you to hear more. She loves to draw (and folks she’s dang good at it too!). She loves spending time playing video games and watching her favorite shows. She has 2 cats and a dog that help complete her loving household. She is a great teacher to her younger cousins that love to spend time with her. She loves to help others, and hates bullies. That she is not rude or insensitive, just high functioning. That she wants to be accepted. That she is so much more than autism, and ready to change the world.

Let's help Molly with that!

Let's help in making the world in her mind a reality! Money raised during events, like this walk help to fund research, helping to increase understanding and acceptance through advertising, autism awareness month and other events, earlier childhood testing, improving the transition into adulthood, trained autism response team members providing real-time support and guidance and resources and tools across the spectrum and grants to local organizations to increase services for people with autism and families.

Any amount truly helps. Joining our team and helping us raise money is even better. If you would like to just register and come walk with us. Or if you simply just share our page and our message, you are helping to raise awareness. That is where it all starts. Any showing of support would be amazing!
Thank you for supporting Autism Speaks. More importantly, thank you for supporting Molly and her dream!
Not less…. Not wrong…… Just Different



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