Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend

Matthew's Roundup

My little brother is and always has been my greatest inspiration in life. Anyone who knows him will agree. My brother, Matthew, was not expected to speak, let alone watch fireworks outside, drive a car, attend college or even find a real job. Matthew has beaten every doubt stacked against him with grace, strength and positivity. He always had help along the way from family and still does today. But Matthew is truly an example of defying the odds and going past anyone's expectations. Today, he lives on his own in Florida. He has been working at the golf courses at the Walt Disney World Resort for the last four years. It only seems fitting to race in his honor at Disney.

No matter how far Matthew has gotten in life, it still seems society comes up short sometimes. While my brother has a lot of support, it's hard to live with some of the harsh realities that follow someone with special needs. And it's no different for the many children diagnosed with autism. Help us to raise money for outreach and awareness efforts for autistic children. They don't need to be seen a different way or treated unfairly. Matthew can have a beer with us, hang out by the bonfire and laugh or watch endless episodes of Family Guy like any other guy in his 20's. 

I am not a runner, but I'd fight to the death for my brother. If running a 5K can help children like my brother live a happier and peaceful life, I will run with the smiles and strength that my brother taught me to have. Any donation amount is greatly appreciated! Thank you and God bless!

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