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As the prevalence of ASD grows, so too has people’s AWARENESS. Yet, still there are misconceptions, denials, and simple ignorance about what autism is and how it affects life on a daily basis at home, at school, and in the community. Autism Speaks is committed to increasing global understanding & acceptance of those with ASD.

Through awareness comes COMPASSION—to “feel with” those affected by this disorder. Sometimes, we can’t do what “typical” families do. Compassion is when our friends and family “get” that and are sensitive to our challenges, and we are blessed that so many do! Compassion, in other words, is hard work since we must leave our zone of familiarity and superiority and dare to “feel with” those affected by ASD.

An increase in awareness and compassion brings on a desire to “do something”: there is an increased interest in solving the autism puzzle through RESEARCH and bringing needed therapies to those on the spectrum. Quality research, however, costs money. Autism Speaks helps to fund the science that will improve outcomes for those with ASD.

Finally, getting those evidenced-based RESOURCES to those who need them is an essential part of improving outcomes. Autism Speaks is committed to: expanding early childhood screening & intervention, improving the Transition to Adulthood for those with ASD, and ensuring access to reliable information across the life span through its trained Autism Response Team. Getting a diagnosis of autism is devastating, but there is more hope today than ever before for treatments and the opportunity for those with ASD to live with dignity and grow to be the best they can be.

By putting these pieces together—AWARENESS, COMPASSION, RESEARCH, AND RESOURCES—we make good outcomes happen. Please support us as we walk on June 1, 2019 for this urgent and well-directed cause.

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June 1, 2019 Soldier Field~1410 Museum Campus Dr~Chicago, IL 60605~ Parking $20 8:00am Registration/Check-In opens ~10:00am Opening Ceremonies~10:30am Walk Starts (on field)~*Activities outside of stadium will begin at 11:00am~11:00am After Party~1:00pm Event Concludes~Check out Walk News and Updates tab for the latest! Mary Rios, Walk Director (224) 567-8573, ext. 67113

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