Denver Walk

Daniel at Denver Aquarium, 2019
Daniel at Denver Aquarium, 2019

Dreaming with Daniel

Hello, Folks, Once again, we are supporting Autism Speaks by raising money in association with the Denver Walk for Autism at Infinity Park, Denver, CO, taking place in May of this year. Due to distraction and lots of time commitments, we are late in sending out our letter this year, and we will continue to collect and forward any donations in support of the team and Autism Research as long as we get them. Thank you so much to all of you who have been supporting our team over the years! Autism Speaks is an organization that has goals of increasing “understanding and acceptance of autism” and “ being a catalyst for research breakthroughs.” New information improves the lives of individuals on the spectrum through identifying helpful interventions for early childhood and “throughout the life span.” Autism Speaks is a leader in “genomic discovery about biology of autism.” Also, their program providing research fellowships has long-range benefits. Myka E., an Autism Speaks supported predoctoral fellow (working on defining the populations vulnerable to environmental risk factors for autism) said, “My experience is a testament to how funding a single graduate student can impact the course of research for years to come.” Autism is a diagnosis based on challenges with social skills, communication, and repetitive behaviors. In the US, approximately 1 in 68 children are diagnosed on the autism spectrum. Varying subtypes are included in the diagnosis; Autism is caused by interactions of genetic and environmental factors. Research will help affected individuals and develop more personalized approaches for the future. Our oldest son, Daniel, is seriously affected by autism, which is the main source of our interest in information obtained by autism research. Challenges that our family has faced in helping Daniel emphasize the need for information about interventions that help individuals to cope, and to reach goals and fulfill potential. Autism Speaks funds research into causes and better interventions for individuals with Autism, and supports best practices for treatment. We are raising money so that Daniel and others will have better chances, and there will be even more solutions in the future.

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5/5/19 Infinity Park~4599 E. Tennesse Ave, Glendale, CO 80246 9:00 AM Registration~10:00 AM Opening Ceremonies~10:15 Walk Begins Allison Schoenberger 720-492-3731

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