Long Island Walk

Nick's Eagles

We are walking for our Son, Nicholas and to raise funds for the mission of Autism Speaks - to fuel innovative research and make connections to critical lifelong supports and services for the autism community. Please support us by donating and help us meet our team's fundraising goal - and you too can join us and make an impact for people living with autism!

We are hoping you will join us on the day of the walk, this is our second year and so very happy to return.

Every person with Autism is unique in their own way, there are alot of different Spectrums that each person falls under. Our experiences started with Nick when he was an infant as we struggled with unknown issues that were presenting itself daily. We had no idea he was Autistic, we were at first taken back when we learned of his diagnoses, and then a lot of emotions came afterwards. He was 2 when early intervention started for him and us. He was very sensitive to Noise and was unable to speak until 3 yrs old but with the help of a speech therapist and all The Therapists, Behavioral, OT, and others that were coming to our home to help Nick and us we started to get educated on what was in store. We are our Sons Advocate and we will always be here for him. He is now 14 yrs old and is still trying to understand the world around him, it is very difficult for him to be engaged in conversations with us and also understanding the safety for himself when walking in the neighborhood or at a store. He has his struggles every day but he tries his hardest and We are very proud of how far he has come!

So we are excited again to participate in the Autism Speaks Walk on October 13th and we are hoping to have another fun day with everyone that is there with us.

We thank you for All your Support, this is LIFE'S JOURNEY with our family and we hope it becomes more manageable for Nicholas as time goes on. We love him with all our Heart and only want to see him succeed in whatever his goals are in life. Thank you to everyone that has joined our Team and all of you're Generousity to the cause.

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Our Team Goal $1,500.00
amount raised $1,716.75
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Long Island

date Location schedule contact
October 13, 2019 Jones Beach - Field 5~1000 Ocean Parkway~Wantagh, NY 11793 8:30AM Registration Opens~10:00AM Sensory Friendly Welcoming Ceremony Eddie Russo 516-809-8214 longislandwalk@autismspeaks.org

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