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My Name is Zachary Bourque, and I am 23 Years Old. With the Help and Support of Family and Friends, I have created this team to help spread awareness of autism. 

My parents knew something was wrong with me at birth, I cried all the time, i hated to be held, and cuddled, I hated to have clothes, and coats on me. My Parents use to take me out in just pjs with a blanket so i didnt cry. I had a fascination for ceiling fans and light switches, I did not talk until i was about 4 and half other than a few small words. I use to have about 30 fits a day and bang my head off the floors and walls. When i was almost 5 years old, I had a seziure that lasted over 40 minutes, I had to be intubated at our house, and i almost did not make it. I was in the ICU at tufts hosiptal in boston for 4 days, and my parents found out later, i was seizing the whole time i was sedated, So after my seziure, i had a long road to recovery. I was on alot of medications, and it seemed like forever, i was taking medicine. When i was 6 i was hosiptalized for a month due my unsafe behaviors and to regulate seizue medications. My parents used PECS (picture communication) for me to communicate for a long time, I was maybe 6 when i first began to talk. My parents use to have schedules with all of my siblings photos, as well with thiers so i knew where all of them were at all times. At 8 years old, i was then hosiptalized for a month to take me off all medciations, and just kept me on clonidine. At 11 years old, my parents added lithium to help with my behaviour, and ive been on that since. 

At 7 years old, I was diagnosed with PDD (Pervasive Developmental Disorder), and that is when i started 1st grade with the PDD Room, and when alot of services for me came about, Like aides in home, extra support, etc. I then grew out of the PDD room at High School to go on to a CORE Skills room, to then graduate high school in 2015

My parents have played a big part in my life growing up with Autism, If it wasnt for them, I would not be here, I remember my mother talking on the phone to my cousin, Alyson, crying to her, and saying that the doctor told her, that i would have to be institutionalized at 16 years old, as i posed a threat to the general public, My mother has papers saying that.... But here I am now, 23 years old. I work for The Home Depot, I work for the Tool Rental Department, I do thier bookkeeping, I do head cashier, I do pretty much anything they want me to do. I have a car, my drivers license, and my i pay my own bills. A little tip i have for others growing up with autism, ALWAYS belive in yourself, Never give up, never back down. and in the this, I am asking for you to Join our team in raising funds to have a voice with legislators, to have access to the information and resources we need, to support research and medical discovery, and to help fund local services through the mission of Autism Speaks. Together, we can accomplish amazing things for people living with autism. If you cannot join the team, I understand. You are more then welcome to leave a donation on a walkers behalf, or the teams behalf. Your donation is valued to Autism Speak, as well to our team!

A few months ago, I started a Podcast with the help of a best friend of mine in Indiana. It is called Spectrum Buddies. It is a show about living with autism by people who live with autism. We are Live Every Tuesday from 7:00pm - 9:00pm. at www.

Our team wanted to start a fundraiser, and we turned to Autism Speaks. We appreciate everyones time for reading this, and we thank everyone for your generous donations in advance, and we will see our fellow walkers in October!

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Sunday, October 4, 2020 Boston Common~0 Charles Street~Boston, MA 02111 9:00 a.m. - Registration~10:00 a.m. - Opening Ceremonies~10:15 a.m. - Walk Start~12:00 p.m. - Event Ends Chris Green (781) 514-3111

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