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Lindsey's Lucky Charms

We’re walking for Lindsey!

At 18 months, Lindsey's communication skills regressed. She was just started to string two words together when suddenly she stopped talking and began grunting instead. Around the same time Lindsey became very behavioral, we chalked it up to terrible twos. But when we weren't seeing improvements we knew something else was going on.

At her 2 year old check up, her pediatrician told us it may just be a phase but enrolled us in Early Intervention (EI) to be safe. After a few months Lindsey learned a few signs to help her communicate with us and get her through the day.

At 2 ½, her EI coordinator recommended we undergo a developmental evaluation. In February 2017, Lindsey was placed on the Autism Spectrum. We weren't sure what that meant, but we took every recommendation and ran with them to help her manage her behavior and improve her speech.

At 3, Lindsey started in a Developmental Learning Classroom and began making UNBELIEVABLE progress thanks to her teachers and therapist(speech, occupational therapy, and behavior). She was able learn new signs crazy fast and became quite the Chatty Cathy.

At 4, Lindsey started receiving Applied Behavioral Analysis(ABA) services through JUVO Behavioral Health, her therapists have been helping her develop better coping mechanisms and safety awareness. I must say, with the many changes she’s gone through in the last few months she’s mastering those skills as well.

We can’t wait to see what 5 brings us.

It’s crazy to think we’ve been on this rollercoaster for 3 years now. Lindsey is constantly amazing us by the strides she’s making! Any amount of support towards our goal is greatly appreciated!

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10/06/2019 Boston Common~0 Charles Street~Boston, MA 02111 9:00 am Registration~10:00 am Opening Ceremonies~10:15 am Walk Start Chris Green (781) 514-3111

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