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Patrick & Phillip's Autism Powers

Patrick & Phillip are remarkable boys with amazing autism powers. Patrick was 2 1/2 years old when he was diagnosed and Phillip was 21 months old. Both boys are non-verbal, and receive weekly speech and OT therapies. Patrick also attends Applied Behavior Analysis therapy 3 days a week. Through all of these different therapies both boys have made great strides in their development but they still have a long way to go and the struggle will continue the rest of their lives.

Having two kids with autism is challenging but it's so rewarding too. Patrick loves technology and his humor is infectious. Phillip loves to be chased, he'll throw anything he can get his hands on, and is very affectionate. Their favorite thing to do together is watch episodes of Sesame Street. These boys have taught Dan and I to take a step back and enjoy life, and not worry about the small things. Patrick and Phillip are the most important thing in our lives and we'll do whatever we have to to get them the best support they need to strive in this world.

This year's autism walk is on Patrick's 5th birthday. Please join our team and help him celebrate this big day!

Join our team in raising funds to have a voice with legislators, to have access to the information and resources we need, to support research and medical discovery, and to help fund local services through the mission of Autism Speaks.

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5/18/2019 Coney Island ~6201 Kellogg Ave. ~Cinncinnati, OH 45230 8:30am Registration~10:00am Opening Ceremonies~10:15am Walk~11:00am After Party~(Wristbands for access to rides~at Coney Island will be given~to TEAMS with a minimum of $20~in donations at registration.) Amy Schinner 513-290-8355

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