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Introducing the Feff Fan Club! The prettiest, snarkiest, most hilarious team to ever grace the Rose Bowl golf path. We walk for that tall guy in the middle (Feffs) and for everyone else in the Autism community. Because, if we're going to get out bed before 10am on a Saturday, we want it to mean something, goddammit. Autism research and advocacy is outrageously underfunded in both the private and public sector. (We would say "laughably" underfunded, but there's nothing funny about it. And that's saying something, bc we can turn *anything* into a joke.) LET'S RAISE SOME MONEY so we can pull an Oprah and say, "YOU GET RESOURCES, YOU GET RESOURCES, YOU GET RESOURCES." Want to join us? GET ON IN HERE. Let's hug it out.

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Our Team Goal $21,913.00
amount raised $23,710.05
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Los Angeles

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4/27/2019 Rose Bowl 8:30am - Registration Opens ~- Resource Fair Opens ~9:30am - Opening Ceremony ~10:00am - 5K Walk Begins, ~Short Route is Available ~11:00am - Finish Line Celebration ~1:00pm - Event Ends Tamra Mariott 323-297-4737 LAWalk@autismspeaks.org

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