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Introducing Autism Speaks Field Day for All

Autism Speaks Field Day for All is a celebration of the light that shines in every person with autism and the community that supports them. This event brings our community — of all ages — together for a day filled with activities that cater to the diverse needs of the autism spectrum.

Field Day for All will have the best of Walk in a whole new way. From interactive games and entertainment to food trucks and educational workshops, Field Day is crafted to ensure every participant feels included, valued, and connected.

Field Day for All is for all of us who want to be part of something bigger within the autism community. The Resource Fair will not only convene supports and services from the community, but it will now also offer a collaborative fundraising opportunity for greater impact.

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News & Updates

Sometimes the environment at an Autism Speaks event can become overwhelming for people with sensory sensitivities. Our event will allow access to a quiet space that can be used as a safe outlet if you or your loved one living with autism becomes overwhelmed.


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