Autism Speaks Special Events are an integral part of engaging with communities nationwide and funding the organization’s life-changing work. Our galas, golf outings and other unique events bring together the autism community and all those who are dedicated to the Autism Speaks vision of creating a world where all people with autism can achieve their full potential. Each of our events relies heavily on the supporters, sponsors and committees who enthusiastically give their time, talent and treasure as well as the overwhelming generosity of the region’s most influential leaders and philanthropists. As stewards of these events, we are ever-conscious to carefully fulfill our mission and our purpose, in a way that respects the contributions of those who so graciously support our mission.

2023 Autism Speaks Special Events

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Your contribution funds our mission to create a world where all people with autism can reach their full potential.

Understanding and Acceptance
Research Breakthroughs
Screening and Intervention
Transition to Adulthood
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