2021 Fundraise Your Way

Team ASD

Did you know that 1 out of every 54 children in the US have ASD (Austism Spectrum Disorder) and that boys are 4 times more likely to be diagnosed than girls? With World Autism Month approaching in April, and because my nephew Mikey who has ASD turns 4 on March 31st, I am raising funds for the mission of Autism Speaks.

If you've never heard of ASD or have never met anyone with ASD, please take a moment to learn a little bit about it this coming month. Our little ASD warriors are out there, everywhere, doing all the same things neurotypical children do (some more than others) except sometimes it may look a little different. It may look like they are "misbehaving" or "getting too close" or "repeating actions" as every ASD child is different in their own unique way and diagnosis appears different with each child. Mikey was diagnosed at age 3.

Please support me, my family, and especially Mikey by donating to my fundraising team. Every dollar brings us a little closer to making the world a little more inclusive.

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