2022 Fundraise Your Way

Team Beckham

Autism Speaks is enhancing lives today and accelerating a spectrum of solutions for tomorrow. 

Meet my best friend Beckham Brown (@spectrum_hitter). He is on the autistic spectrum, but most importantly he’s the coolest 9 year old baseball player I’ve ever met. He does things on the field that are years above his level all while dealing with the challenges that come with being on the spectrum. I’ve teamed up with 44Pro and AutismSpeaks and Beckham has been given the reigns to design a one of a kind glove that you have a chance to win as well as a baseball signed by the 2022 Rockies. Every dollar donated will be an entry into the raffle to win this glove! To enter the raffle, click the link in my bio. The raffle will go on until the end of the season and 100% of the proceeds will be going to AutismSpeaks. Let’s do this

Join the team and begin your fundraising journey today! 

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