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In addition to coming together in person to help create a world where all people with autism can reach their full potential, each Walk will retain the fun, remote-participation options introduced last year. Your safety is our priority — and no matter how you choose to participate, your support will be recognized and celebrated. Our community is stronger together, and we can't wait to celebrate one another and the amazing impact we are making together for people with autism and their families. Whether near or far, let's rally together on Walk day!

Charlotte Walk

Truist Field



Lisa Harrington

Charlotte Walk

Channing's Joy

Autism. Once a foreign word. Now a part of my daily life. My adorable grandson Channing, the inspiration for this team and the Channing's Joy Foundation, was diagnosed with autism in 2018. We participated in our first walk the following year. I wasn't sure if I wanted to do it but I got a handful of family and friends together and we formed a team. Walking in for the walk that chilly October morning and seeing all the blue and the huge crowd, I felt tears sting my eyes and a big lump in my throat. Funny, I still feel that way every time I think about that morning. There was such a sense of solidarity, an emotional feeling of truly belonging. There was an overwhelming compassion for all the other families, many with much larger challenges than we faced with Channing. There was a feeling of gratitude for my friends that showed up for Channing and for all the many strangers who showed up for autism. And when I saw my beautiful little Channing perched on his daddy's shoulders shaking his blue pom pom, well let's just say my heart can't hold anymore love than it did at that moment.
So 2022 will be our 4th walk. We are pros now. But I want it to be the biggest and best yet. Last year Team Channing's Joy proudly made it to the podium, finishing among the top five fund raisers. Yes, we are unapologetically and undeniably competitive! Yes, we want to be the top fund raiser this year! No, we aren't afraid to set lofty goals! No, we aren't afraid of hard work for something we believe in! Please join us for the walk. If you can't be there in person then join our team anyway or make a donation. $5 or $500, every little bit helps and is appreciated. At our first walk the prevalence of autism was 1 in 54 children. That number is now 1 in 44. I hope you find that to be an alarming statistic, I certainly do!! Help fund needed research, help fund clarity for families.
I know I will still cry when we arrive that morning (and likely a few more times during the walk). But I hope to see you there! Come see our beautiful blue eyed angel. He knows this day is about him. He might not be able to say the words thank you but he will give you an amazing smile or a special hug.
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Charlotte Walk

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TBD 9 a.m.: Registration and Check In Open ~10 a.m.: Opening Ceremonies Lisa Harrington (770) 401-4292

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