Chicago Walk

Hayley Nicole Carroll

Being a special needs parent is not easy. Often times it is very overwhelming. But I’ve accepted this challenge and vow to be the best advocate for my daughter that I can be. I just need to trust myself. I can do this. There have been and will be many sleepless days and nights; along with balancing therapy schedules and work schedules. But I am the one who can and will get it all done. My little girl is depending on me. It’s not an option.

I will get back up no matter how many times I feel like I’m getting knocked down. I will celebrate every milestone, whenever they happen. I will cherish the small things most people take for granted. I will wipe away tears when others judge and hold our heads up high with pride. And I will be forever grateful for Hayley, who has shown me what is most important in life and has filled my heart with a special kind of love.

To everyone reading our story thank you!

All Our Love,

Hayley & Liz

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Chicago Walk

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Soldier Field 8:30am - Registration Opens~10:00am - Opening Ceremonies~10:15am - Walk Start Ellen Sanders, Director, Field Development, Upper Midwest 630-210-1905

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