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One week prior to her death in 2010, Heather Campbell formed the team Angels of Solitude and wrote the following:

Help the rights of others. Help them be heard!
If you believe as I do that there is just far too much hatred in this seemingly small world.
If you ever just stop for a moment or have ever taken a second glance at a person in need.
If you yearn for an opening to help.
May you be blessed!
My goal is not to be noted as a single person; but with your help, to become a chained fence.
Where every link of our existence will form the path of safety and research for all persons.
Walk Now for Autism, help be heard.
Walk to spread awareness, walk to help fund research.
Walk to inspire.

We hope you will help us honor Heather’s legacy and support our team.

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Our Team Goal $1,000.00
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Iowa Walk

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Virtual 10:00am-Opening Ceremonies Michael Quinn, PhD, Area Executive Director 314-745-2877

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