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In addition to coming together in person to help create a world where all people with autism can reach their full potential, each Walk will retain the fun, remote-participation options introduced last year. Your safety is our priority — and no matter how you choose to participate, your support will be recognized and celebrated. Our community is stronger together, and we can't wait to celebrate one another and the amazing impact we are making together for people with autism and their families. Whether near or far, let's rally together on Walk day!

Greater Boston Walk

Boston Common



Beth Whitney, New England Field Manager

Greater Boston Walk


Ethan's Song: the beginning 

He chose me even when I didn't know there was a choice out there. God brought this little prince to me on March 8, 2012 @ 9:54am. Everything about my little boy was different that's when I knew he was special to me. Ethan was born to term 7lbs 9oz. Beautiful big brown eyes that you get lost in. And that smile that just lights up a room. Ethan was a great baby, only cried when hungry or tired. Didn't really notice anything out of the ordinary with him. Think it was because the first month of my oldest child Leyah she spent in the NICU so there was a lot of milestones and newborn things I missed. Ethan seem pretty much on point from what I can tell. As he progress and with his monthly visit to his pediatrician we stated to discuss the things that Ethan was doing and suppose to do be doing. Again I really didn't think much of it, because for the most part people were telling me is fine,he is a boy and you know they are late doing a lot of things. At Ethan's 16 month check his doctor was concern with the fact that he wasn't babbling or walking. We decided that we will revisit it at 18 months. Well that time came around pretty fast and Ethan still wasn't hitting his milestones. That's when we decided that it would be best for Ethan to get "Early Intervention". He started 10/2013 with a total of 6 hours a week. After that referral I was also told to get an appointment with developmental medicine for further evaluation. After a long wait to get the intake process I got an appointment for June 19,2014. Fill with worry and anxiety that felt it was forever to wait. I was also put on a wait list. Few weeks later I was called for appointment for May 8,2014, without question I toke the appointment. Nerves nerves nerves, really didn't know what to expect,what to think. I had never done any thing like this before with Leyah. To add to the day Ethan was getting over a cold, low grade fever and a ear infection. Ethan wasn't really receptive to the process so I was concern with any diagnosis or conclusion  they might come to. After about 5 hour, the air in room got thin, my heart beating fast and my thought were moving faster than I can comprehend them. Thats when our doctor told me that based on the information collected today . She will be formally diagnosing Ethan with Autism( ASD) and Global Delays. Tear ran down my face. In my mind I ask why? Like everything in my life I just needed time to process to collect myself and get myself together. This was something I knew a little about through friends that had kids who were Autistic. Then I looked over at Ethan, I realized he wasn't any different because of those words,he was still my little boy.  With my new diagnosis and the beginnings to our family changing forever, I left the office still crying I just kept going. It was me, Leyah and Ethan. Wasn't sure what was next..... 

Ethan's Song

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