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In addition to coming together in person to help create a world where all people with autism can reach their full potential, each Walk will retain the fun, remote-participation options introduced last year. Your safety is our priority — and no matter how you choose to participate, your support will be recognized and celebrated. Our community is stronger together, and we can't wait to celebrate one another and the amazing impact we are making together for people with autism and their families. Whether near or far, let's rally together on Walk day!

Westchester/Hudson Valley and Fairfield County Walk

New York- Presbyterian Westchester Behavioral Health



Eddie Russo, Manager, Field Development NY

Westchester/Hudson Valley and Fairfield County Walk

Team Emmett's Minions 2021
Team Emmett's Minions 2021

The Minions

Team Minions, 

Our head Minions, Emmett, Connor & Karter, are ready to make 2024 the YEAR OF GROWTH! Why? Have you seen our boys? Whether they are meeting physical growth milestones or not, these kids are growing, and changing. They are growing and changing in ways that are exciting, but also may require new supports and present new challenges. We take growth of any kind REAL seriously in the Autism world so let us review what specific challenges developing & growing young teens in particular with Autism need us to consider.

  • Social Interaction and Peer Relationships: Teenagers with autism may find it difficult to navigate social interactions and form meaningful peer relationships. They may struggle with understanding social cues, interpreting others' emotions, and initiating or maintaining conversations.
  • Communication: Communication difficulties are common among individuals with autism, and these challenges can become more pronounced during adolescence. Some may have limited verbal communication skills or struggle with expressive language, while others may have difficulty understanding the nuances of language, such as sarcasm or figurative speech.
  • Sensory Sensitivities: Many individuals with autism have sensory sensitivities, which can be heightened during adolescence in larger social environments like High School buildings. Loud noises, bright lights, crowded spaces, or certain textures may be overwhelming or distressing for them, making it challenging to navigate everyday environments like school or social gatherings.
  • Executive Functioning: Executive functioning skills, such as organization, time management, and problem-solving, can be particularly challenging for teenagers with autism. They may struggle with planning and completing tasks independently, managing their time effectively, or adapting to changes in routines.
  • Transitioning to Independence: As teenagers approach adulthood, they face the transition to greater independence and responsibility. For individuals with autism, this transition can be particularly daunting, as they may require additional support and guidance in areas such as self-care, employment, and living independently.
  • Bullying and Social Exclusion: Unfortunately, teenagers with autism are at a higher risk of being bullied or socially excluded by their peers. Their differences in communication and behavior may make them targets for bullying, leading to feelings of isolation, low self-esteem, and mental health challenges.
  • Navigating Puberty: Puberty brings about physical and hormonal changes that can be confusing and overwhelming for any teenager, but for those with autism, these changes may be particularly challenging to understand and cope with. Additionally, issues related to sexuality and relationships may arise, requiring sensitive and appropriate support from caregivers and educators.

We always recommended to expand your understanding of Autism by engaging in the community like signing up for weekly knowledge drops in social with my recommended follows with @neurodivergent_lou or @storiesaboutautism on IG. Or if you are un-social perhaps picking up the NYT best seller "NeuroTribes” by Steve Silberman, or read books written by those with Autism like “Funny You Don't Look Autistic” by Michael McCreary. Watch shows like “Love on the Spectrum” on Netflix, or Amazon’s like “As We See It”.

Grow your participation in the Autism community by joining groups or outings during April World Autism Month, wear blue 4/2 or join activities at your local school like Building Bridges. Or walk with us this October 20th in White Plains by signing up here. You will get a custom Minions Tshirt on the walk day provided by Emmett! If you are wondering if you are Minion, all you need to ask yourself you love a knowledge drop, like sticking together and walking it out? If so then this is the place for you, so come join us and begin your adventure as a Minion. 

Lastly, let’s grow our contribution to "The Minions" and Autism Speaks. Donate now to help continue to support the primary organization lobbying to maintain funding, supports and awareness nationally.

Minions, let's grow beyond our past successes trying to raise over +$5k this year! Collectively the Minions have already raised over +$35k in the last 6 years for Autism Speaks! From Emmett, Karter & Connor's perspectives, with the Minions behind them, and a growing world of love and acceptance, there is no limit to their future. 

As always, our thanks. Looking forward to walking with you all.


Jessica Donoghue, Emmett's Mom, Amazon Rep, TV watcher, & head Cheerleader

Tracey Sewell, Karter's Mom, Driver, Party planner, Chef & head Cheerleader

Anie O'Gorman, Connor's Mom, Translator, Lifeguard & head Cheerleader

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