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Autism Speaks Staff - Region 2

Join Autism Speaks staff from across the country - fundraise and Walk in your local community!
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As staff, we know the impact of every dollar and are committed to joining together with our communities across the country to fundraise in support of Walk and the mission of Autism Speaks.

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Top Events
Event Name Amount Members
Atlanta Walk



Palm Beach Walk



Top Teams
Team Name Event Name Amount Members
Team Calgon Atlanta Walk



Turner Troops Atlanta Walk



Jeremiah's Journey Atlanta Walk



Top Fundraisers
Participant Name Event Name Amount
Personal Donation Sandy Gulotta Atlanta Walk


Erin Turner Atlanta Walk


Personal Donation Jakeema Bascoe Atlanta Walk


Personal Donation Jessica Hind Atlanta Walk


Personal Donation Sherry Hall Atlanta Walk


Personal Donation Tootie Sims Atlanta Walk


Katy Moreno Palm Beach Walk


Jimmie Kelleher Tampa Bay Walk


Jayden Williams Atlanta Walk


Jeremiah Williams Atlanta Walk