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Executive Construction Foundation

Join the Executive Construction Foundation in supporting Autism Speaks at their annual Downtown and Suburban Chicago Walks taking place on October 21 at Soldier Field and October 22 at Cantigny Park. Follow the links below to register and join our team at the walks!
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Top 10 Events
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Suburban Chicago Walk



Downtown Chicago Walk



Top 10 Teams
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Executive Construction Foundation Suburban Chicago Walk



Executive Construction Foundation Downtown Chicago Walk



Top 10 Participants
Participant Name Event Name Amount
Jeff Hankner Suburban Chicago Walk


Personal Donation Matt Liebing Suburban Chicago Walk


Charlie Rivera Downtown Chicago Walk


Rachael Weil Downtown Chicago Walk


Personal Donation Brad Cruse Downtown Chicago Walk


Personal Donation Gabriel Liebing Suburban Chicago Walk


Personal Donation Kevin Zegler Downtown Chicago Walk


Jake Wielebnicki Suburban Chicago Walk


Natalie Dienethal Suburban Chicago Walk


Sydney Solem Downtown Chicago Walk