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Know before you Go: *Free parking all around the football stadium   *Check-In is at the main entrance of the stadium-everyone must pre-register or register at the walk! After Check-In, access to the walk is down the steps, with assistance from Towson U athletes, if needed. If you prefer to not walk down the bleachers, there will be a shuttle bus to take you down to a seperate entrance. 

Sometimes the environment at an Autism Speaks Walk can become overwhelming for people with sensory sensitivities. All of our walks allow access to a quiet space that can be used as a safe outlet if you or your loved one living with autism becomes overwhelmed. We recommend finding the quiet area of your walk when you arrive and share its location with your team for ease of access later on in the day should it be needed.

If your team raises the levels below by Thursday, October 3, 2024:

$1,000 we'll reserve a Team Table and Team Sign with goodies at the table for you!

$2,500 we'll reserve a Team Tent for you to decorate with a banner, table, chairs and goodies for the whole team!

$5,000 we'll reserve a Team Tent with banner and all the goodies AND add your Team Logo to our commemorative event shirt!

$10,000 we'll reserve a Team Tent with a banner and all the goodies, add your Team Logo to our commemorative event shirt AND we'll have a banner for you and your team to hold during the Walk!