The Autism Speaks Kindness Campaign celebrates and encourages acceptance, understanding and inclusion with daily acts of kindness. Choose from two great ways to participate: Learn with Kindness at school or Lead with Kindness at work.

Every day, participants reveal a kindness or fundraising challenge on a fun, interactive calendar. Designed to work (and be awesome!) in virtual, in-person or hybrid settings, everyone will love completing daily activities and reaching fundraising milestones to earn kindness swag.

The campaign is a perfect way to celebrate World Autism Month in April but kindness is always in season and the campaign works any time of year! Your commitment to kindness will get us one step closer to a world where all people with autism can reach their full potential.


How It Works

Step 1
Register Sign Up
Step 2
Earn prizes by completing tasks and raising funds
Step 3
Share your Kindness Campaign: ask for donations to help create a kinder world
Step 4
Tap into kindness resources and add even more meaning to your campaign
Step 5
Celebrate your success!