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Here are a few things we want you to know: Please share this information with your teammates and supporters.

The Autism Speaks Walk is a FREE event; however, the Walk is our largest fundraising event. We ask participants to fundraise or donate to help fuel our mission and achieve our goal.


ARI/ Holman

Bishops Corporate Gate

4001 Leadenhall Road, Mt. Laurel



Once you enter Bishops Gate, follow the signs to park-- this is free for all attendees.

Registration and our Resources will open at 9am. The Opening Ceremony will begin at 10:30am with the Walk immediately following.  The Walk is 2-miles long with the option for a 1-mile walk.  We ask that you leave your fury animals at home, unless you have a service animal.


If you have money to turn in on Walk day, please head to the Check-in Tent area.

Thank you for all your do to help the mission!! We hope you enjoy yourself!
Sometimes the environment at an Autism Speaks Walk can become overwhelming for people with sensory sensitivities. All of our walks allow access to a quiet space that can be used as a safe outlet if you or your loved one living with autism becomes overwhelmed. We recommend finding the quiet area of your walk when you arrive and share its location with your team for ease of access later on in the day should it be needed.