Fundraising Tools

Congratulations and thank you for signing up to be part of the Autism Speaks TeamUp Your Way. The two critical components of your commitment may seem quite different but are closely related: fundraising and training.

The common theme here is: start early. If you are an experienced athlete, you know the importance of pacing yourself, not waiting to get your body tuned to undergo the intensity of the event, and keeping it healthy throughout the duration.

We're going to say the same thing about fundraising. If it's new to you, the best thing you can do to make it successful is not waiting to begin. There are many ways to do it—choose the method that's most comfortable for you. It's especially beneficial because by the time you get closer to the race, you'll want to focus on your physical condition—not your fiscal position. What's the best way to start? Take 10 minutes to upload a photo (of yourself or someone who inspired you to run for Autism Speaks) and then write a short paragraph to tell the story of why you are running in the event.

If you need help with training or fundraising, email us at and we'll keep your pace healthy.