Frequently Asked Questions

How does The Kindness Campaign support Autism Speaks?
Increasing global understanding and acceptance of people with autism is a key mission priority of Autism Speaks. The Kindness Campaign supports initiatives like national campaigns to promote acceptance and inclusion, helping companies diversify hiring and become Autism Friendly, hosting educational events in communities nationwide and robust social media efforts.

Is there any cost or commitment for a company to join the campaign?
There is no cost or minimum fundraising commitment for a company to join The Kindness Campaign. We want as many companies as possible to participate for maximum kindness!

Is the $25 donation required for each employee to join the campaign?
The donation is an essential part of the campaign — it earns the company perk and funds our life-changing work.

We love friendly competition. Can we create teams by location or department under our company?
We love friendly competition, too! Just send us your team structure and we'll set up your company page and all the teams you want under it. It's a great way to add more fun to the campaign.

How do employees earn The Kindness Campaign swag?
For employees who want to do even more, we have great swag for donations and fundraising above $25.

Can we do the campaign at another time of year?
Kindness works year round! Contact us about customizing a campaign for your company.

Can the company match employee donations?
Yes! We encourage matching donations to add motivation and excitement to the campaign. We help make this quick and easy.

How do we get started?
Fill out this form or contact us directly at